2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues December 2016 Volume 32, Number 6 - Page 52

2016 WORLD Show Special Awards Fort Worth, Texas T he 2016 AMHA World Show showcased some of the most talented and most beautiful Miniature horses in existence. The quality and the consistent type of the horses in attendance this year was astounding to the exhibitor and the spectator alike. The nine-day show increased to 205 class offerings plus 32 Futurity classes, with total entries holding steady at well over 2100. The AMHA horse was proudly displayed and shown by youth, amateurs and professionals alike, whose dedication to the '&VVBv2&VfV7FV@V6bFR&VWFgVBfW'6FR6WVW2GFVF6Rࠤ&W7B&V@F2v&B&W6VFVB6W'FW7`VW&W7FVBFB6&RVW&'7Fv4G&VאvVB'VR"VF&&"W'vV&G&F2v&B&W6VFVBFFPv&Bw&B66V"7FƖ6W'FW7bFR&"W'vf֖ǐ&fV'W&v2W726R&PvVB'FvG@"''V6R"B&7F S֖GW&R'6Rv&@BR2R"R""`vBG&fr'6PFRƖvB&'&Rv&B2&W6VFV@6W'FW7b2&&W2֖GW&W2WBǒvV6&W&pvFW"6Ɩf&vG'W6vVB''&GF֗F6V