2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues December 2016 Volume 32, Number 6 - Page 47

For the second time, the Heritage Halter Grands were awarded to the smallest, most perfect horses in both Amateur and Open divisions. Top Ten in any World Show Class is reason enough to smile! Grand Driving horses were featured in the finals night Parade of Driving GRANDS this year. Included this year were the 4 newly added Amateur Driving GRANDS. There were six Youth 7 and under classes offered at this year’s World. Nine days of nonstop showing, parties, get- togethers and camaraderie. Breakfast in the morning, deserts in the afternoon and dinners at night, this world show was a constant social event, proving there’s nothing better than good people, good food and showing horses! Thanks to all who participated and volunteered to make it happen!  Two and a half pose with Little America’s S. S. Romeo, who was sold during WORLDS to a proud ]ۙ\[[[ ۞HܙX]\&H\][\œY][Z[H[&]\\B]\X]]K]H[Y[܈YH[Xۘ[˂\[ZY\[Y\^BX[\^H[HY\[\[ۈ[H\BX\\\ˈH\YBۙYH\[ \BPܙ܈\HYY\˂YHۙ][YHY[ۚBYXKYH\[\B]]ݚX]\Y\BYHܙX]Y[[ܚY\\ܛ]\ݙYB\وYX\[\]Y\[H[8$Y]H\Y\\BԐS[[܈X\H܂ۙ\X\YH[ ۙHوH[8)Z[Hݙ\قݙH\\HܜK]H]HBYY]Y\[H\Y[ۈHܛۘ\K\[H\^\وH[]][HXX[\[][ۂ\[Y܈]\[ܙX]\™\[H[]]\Y BܙX]\[Z[H\[\X\Y[HSRH8$]\[HH\[Z[KH]۞HܙX]\\[œ]\[\\\\Y[[]\[\[Y\H\SRPH\Y[ ]Y[YYۛH][]]\[[X]HۙHوYx&\\Y\[Y[[H[\[وHSRHܛˈB\\H[[YHٙ\XH[X[HX\[ݙB]\[&\]ܚ]HܜH[H\[K\[Y\Hܘ\وY[[ܚY\[ۈH[[Y\\YHۙBۙYH[\][[\ܝ[]Y\[ۋو\HHZYY\[]HZ\H[H[[^HݙHٙ\[H[B\]\BHHHH MZ[X]\HܜHܛ B