2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues December 2016 Volume 32, Number 6 - Page 4

Miniature Horse World The Official Publication Of The American Miniature Horse Association editor’s notes by Melissa Powell D on’t hate me, but I am one of those who welcome the event of Christmas with open arms starting on November 1st. From the first jingle of a bell strapped to a harness, to the opening chord of We Wish You a Merry Christmas, I am all in! Even Facebook offers the wintry images of Minis all shaggy and happy, enjoying their post show season winter turnout. Speaking of photos, remember our annual MHW Best of Show photo contest ends January 1st. Send along your best shot from 2016 for a chance at some great prizes. This World show results issue is challenging for me, to say the least. The hundreds of photos, show results and memories of the ten day extravaganza can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to cram into one issue. Therefore, if you don’t see something featured or covered as you would have liked, it’s not because it was not important, there is just no room for more! It is no secret that the size of every issue of MHW has decreased this year, only because the amount of editorial we can use directly corresponds with the number of ads we have. I implore you to dig deep and continue to support this magazine you love with your advertising dollars. If you feel strongly that nothing can replace the printed issue, it’s time to put your money where your loyalty lies. It is for certain that with the new year come changes, some which will be wonderful such as the increased exposure our Minis are receiving through therapy situations, our shows that are continuing to grow and the news that lots of horses sold either at the World so soon afterward. New owners are excited to become involved with us so let’s keep it positive and continue to show the world what these little guys can do for them! I hope your herd is happy, hearty and healthy throughout the Christmas season and the new year! Merry Christmas! Executive Committee: President: Joe Kahre Vice President: Al Bulgawicz Treasurer: Heather Ward Secretary: Laura Mullen Director At Large: Harry Elder Directors Region 1: Bobbie Briggs Region 2: Jason Warrenfeltz Region 3: Laura Mullen Region 4: Sid Hutchcraft Region 5: H. Joe Kahre Region 6: Al Bulgawicz, Allison Rosauer Region 7: Clair Severson Region 8: Joanne Ross Region 9: Bob Kane, Julianna Myers Region 10: Heather Ward Region 11: Gene Baynham Region 12: Leigh Murray Region 13: Harry Elder Miniature Horse World Editor: Melissa Powell Graphic Designer: Rebekah Petty-Little Printer: Four Color Press Miniature Horse World (USPS 021571), official publication of the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA), is published bimonthly at 5601 S Interstate 35W, Alvarado, TX 76009. Periodicals Postage Paid at Alvarado Post Office, Alvarado, TX 76009 and additional offices. Address changes must be sent four weeks prior to publication date for next issue to be delivered to new address. Printed in U.S.A. Miniature Horse World reserves the right to refuse any advertising or copy judged not to be in the best interest of AMHA Membership. Photos and manuscripts are welcomed but no responsibility is assumed for such material while in transit o [HSRHٙXKZ[X]\BܜHܛ\[Y\\ۜX[]H܂H]܈X\XHوY\\[Z[\›܈HY]ܚX[۝[ \X[ۈ܂\Hو[H\و\\YH]]^\ܚ][\Z\[ۈوHX\\\X]Y YHSRHY\܈SRHY[X\Y\\[]\˂ܜX[ێ\\Y\܈\HوHܛۙ\\YH܈H[[ԐS[\[ۂ[[܈X\KH[\HܜX[XYHوܛوZ[X]\\]XHۙYH\X܈X\[[Y^Y\Z[X]\HܜHܛHHHH  MPTT[Y\[\‚Z[X]\HܜHܛM H[\]H U8([\Y ͌ BXܚ\[ۈ[]Z\\΂ MH MM 8(˘[ZKܙ‚