2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues December 2016 Volume 32, Number 6 - Page 29

I bought my first Miniature in 2011 from a friend. I’m one of those recruits who came from the large horse world. After showing American Quarter Horses, the Miniature horses were an entirely different world than the “big” horses I was used to. I’ve been involved showing horses since I was four years old and have done everything from hunter/ jumpers to reining horses, to huntseat and western pleasure. Our 2016 show season was a challenge and simply finding the time to condition him and getting prepped for the show seemed tricky. I work twelve hour swing shifts at a pharmaceutical plant and that doesn’t leave much time to get things done some days. Thankfully, Goldrush is a trooper and loves to drive and work so he makes it easy. My mini and I showed locally for a few months, then one mini soon became two, two became three, and you know how things go from there. It was 2012 when a small, tan, and handsome colt walked into my life, and I immediately fell in love with him! Gander Hill California Goldrush was bred and shown by Gander Hill Miniatures and Aubrey Overcash. As a yearling, he took a Top 5 at the 2011 World Show. When I got him as a two-year-old, watching him trot reminded me of a big huntseat Quarter Horse, and it crossed my mind to start driving him, even though he was small. Goldrush has always had a show off attitude, and his first driving show proved that the little guy doesn’t always finish last. He was 2x Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Classic Horse at this first driving show. It’s only been up from there! We have competed at the AMHA World Show every year since 2013, winning Grands and Reserves in 2013, 2014, 2015 and several Top 10 and Top 5 placing as well. Our World show experience began with Goldrush showing in his first showmanship class, winning 6th in a very tough class. We went in AOTE Classic Pleasure Driving with no expectations, other than to do our best, and when they called his name as the winner I was ecstatic! He was also Reserve World Champion Stock Type Halter Stallion earlier that morning. Next was Ladies Classic Pleasure Driving, a full class of 32 horses, and hearing that he was Reserve in such a large class was thrilling, maybe even more so as he is such a little horse in a big class of taller horses. It was so exciting! in sight and Super Amateur was certainly one of them- although in my wildest dreams I wasn’t sure it was obtainable. To win this title was out of this world! I felt we couldn’t possibly top all this excitement, but then Goldrush was also named High Point Driving Horse! It was the sweetest icing on the cake for me! I smiled uncontrollably all throughout the presentation ceremony, trying to take in and soak up this wonderful experience. I can’t wait to see what next year holds for us! I’m hoping to open a few new doors for Goldrush including halter obstacle and driving obstacle to add to his repertoire. My goal for 2017 is to make him a true “all around” horse that excels as many events as he can and to continue to perform in as many divisions as possible. This little horse fulfilled my wildest dreams this year and I know I am incredibly blessed to own him. In our final class of the show Goldrush pulled out all the