2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues December 2016 Volume 32, Number 6 - Page 110

irresistible moments That kissable nose! Strong Heritage Smarty Pants and Arlo Lewis Submitted by: Kelly Lewis Edgewater Ranch, Marcello, MI Dazzling, even in winter woolies. Mercedes Dazzling Dreams and RW Dazzle Me Dejah Submitted by: Whitney Shelton Rising Winds Farm, Guston, KY Gimmee Horsie! Stars Gladiator and new friend. Submitted by: Jamie Bethany Photographer Ivy Foxall of Eyefox Photography Send us your picture s to 108 Miniature Horse World D E C E M B E R 2 0 16 editor@amha.org One of us was clever enough to escape the decorating. Shades Of Blues Robin and her donkey sidekick. Submitted by: Ann Olujic Mt Morris, IL