2016 Members and Supporters Publications - Page 3

Welcome to our annual publication! Board of Directors ANDREA MITCHEL AM Development Group CHRISTOPHER B. LINDSAY Starfox Financial Services MARK HUTCHASON Merrill Lynch MATTHEW COUGHLIN Moses House Ministries RYAN MCEACHRON ISU Insurance Services - ARMAC SHIRLI DRIZ Wells Fargo VALERIE SMITH In this issue you will learn about our organization and the services we provide to strengthen nonprofits and communities. You will learn about some of the wonderful organizations we work with and you will get to see who the great donors are who make our work possible. But what you might now see outright, is why we do what we do … work to strengthen our region’s social service sector. So let me tell you … In 2013, the US Census reported that the Inland Empire had the highest poverty rate among the nation’s 25 largest metropolitan areas. Yikes! If ever there was a region that needed its nonprofit sector desperately, it is the Inland Empire! With high levels of unemployment and poor health, low education levels and more than 60% of the population considered low to moderate income, we direly need strong nonprofits that can help families be healthy, safe, and prosperous. We need strong organization that: • Can serve vast numbers of people in need • Are willing and able to work with others so resources are used most efficiently and effectively • Are able to attract the kind of financial investments that will bring untapped billions of dollars to the region • Provide top-notch services that deliver solutions to our communities’ critical issues Yucca Loma School But currently our nonprofits are not strong! Paul Swick Family Center While there are indeed great, effective organizations in the Inland Empire, the vast majority are small and lack the resources required to support ever-increasing numbers of families who need help. VICI NAGEL Academy for Grassroots Organizations www.AcademyGO.com Vici Nagel is President/CEO of Academy for Grassroots Organizations Grassroots Organizations. During her 30+ year career she has worked for a variety of charitable organizations, helped create a new nonprofit agency and merge two nonprofits, received “Certified Fund Raising Executive” credential, Improving quality of life is why we work to strengthen nonprofits. To do so, we share our own expertise in nonprofit management and fundraising by training hundreds of nonprofit professionals and volunteers each year. We also multiply the effect of our own funding by providing training scholarships and resources to organizations that are unable to lift themselves by their bootstraps. Unlike other programs, “AcademyGO” does not depend on the nonprofits that need help to pay for the help they need. At AcademyGO we have a vision of communities where the spirit of cooperation thrives, the social service sector is strong, and critical needs are met. We want the Inland Empire to be a great place to live, work, do business, and raise a family. Personally I also do this work because I have a special place in my heart for the people who work in nonprofit organizations; both the volunteers who freely contribute their time and hard-earned dollars and step up to lead, and the nonprofit professionals who are oft times underpaid and overburdened with the responsibilities of helping so many people in need. Years ago I coined one of our taglines “Helping Amazing People Change Lives” because I think nonprofit professionals and volunteers are truly amazing and the unsung heroes of our communities. So please read on to learn about all the amazing people doing good work in your community. And as the year-end giving season approaches, I encourage you to GIVE LOCAL to help them make our communities strong and our quality of life the best it can be. Please visit us soon! and planned and implemented many successful projects, fundraising campaigns, and events. She has trained hundreds of nonprofit professionals in the art of fundraising and loves to mentor new fundraisers and nonprofit executives. Her life’s goal is “To glorify God with my life.”