2016 Members and Supporters Publications - Page 19

Academy for Grassroots Organizations is a nonprofit management support organization, providing a variety of programs to strengthen families and communities by strengthening the nonprofits that meet their needs. Our core activities include the following: Providing effective, low-cost training in a variety of nonprofit management and fundraising topics to assist social service organizations in achieving the highest levels of effectiveness, sustainability, and impact. The Resource Network and other convenings create and sustain meaningful opportunities for leaders of social service organizations to meet and exchange ideas, knowledge, resources, and peer support. Key Training Programs • The Fundraising Academy for Grassroots Organizations™ is a 16-workshop, comprehensive curriculum that helps emerging nonprofit leaders position their organizations for greater resources and sustainability. • Grant Development Clinics are offered in one- to six-day series throughout the region and on-sight for large nonprofits or coalitions. • Monthly workshops on a variety of important nonprofit topics are designed to help organizations advance their missions with new skills and best practices. • A training component is imbedded in each monthly Resource Network meeting. • Board development training is also available onsite. • Access Government Day is an annual forum that helps organizations connect with government resources and entities they can work with to advance their missions. Resources and information are provided to empower organizations to make informed decisions, stay abreast of the latest best practices and nonprofit news, and access critical funding. • Funding research libraries and online search programs for grant funding research; housed in both Rancho Cucamonga and the High Desert • E-newsletters • Information & referral 760-949-2930 • Social media – find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn • Online portal www.AcademyGO.com www.AcademyGO.com www.TheFundraisingAcademy.com S S S S S S S AM AM AM AM AM AM AM RE R RE R RE R RE R RE R RE R RE R REGR G G G G G G G O O O O O O O RO CPRO CPRO CPRO CPRO CPRO CPRO CPRO Core Programs