2016 ISPA U.S. Spa Industry Study Executive Summary - Page 4

Looking Ahead: Enhancing the Experience Spas are approaching 2016 with confidence and making plans to enhance the experience of the spa visitor in a variety of ways that reflect emerging industry trends. The overwhelming majority of s pas are confident that revenues will continue to increase in 2016. Almost nine in 10 spas (88%) said they were ‘confident’ (36%) or ‘very confident’ (53%) of an increase in revenues in the next six months. When asked about their plans for 2016, 81% said they would be adding or creating new treatment offerings. Complementing those plans, 61% of spas said they would be introducing new product lines and 58% planned the creation of a new spa menu. Spas also plan on taking measures to ensure they have the capacity to move their business forward in 2016, with 66% saying they intended to add or create new employee training opportunities. Over one in two spas (55%) of spas said they plan to create new job opportunities in 2016. A new spa or expansion of an existing spa was mentioned by 45% of spas. On the marketing side, 38% of spas plan to focus on new branding for their spa. Over one in three spas (36%) said they plan to add or create new community partnerships. Survey respondents were also asked to give their views on what they believe will be the next big new trend that will shape the spa industry over the next year or so. The most frequently identified trends related to wellness, health and fitness, referenced by over one in three spas (34%). Within that context, corporate wellness also received a number of mentions, mainly in the resort/hotel sector. A continued trend towards organic/natural products and treatments was identified by almost one in five spas (18%). Other trends included technological advances in skincare (9%), on-demand spa services (6%), healthy aging (4%), men (4%) and other demographic groups such as teens and millennials (4%).