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Look Younger, Feel Better... NATURALLY!! Specializing in...MFR MFR Specializing in... Armstrong,Specializing WHOLifEin... Journal MFR The “BE RADIANT” ACNE, DRY SKIN, •• The “BE RADIANT” ••• ACNE, ACNE,DRY DRYSKIN, SKIN, __________Specializing __• _The ___“BE ___RADIANT” _in... ___MFR ___ _____________ ____Younger, ________Feel ____Better... _______NATURALLY!! ________________________________ Look Tel: (306) 542-3616 Fax: (306) 542-3619 • anti-aging The “BE Health RADIANT” • SCARRING ACNE, DRYand SKIN, & Wellness anti-aging facial (look SCARRING and (look facial anti-aging facial (look SCARRING and • The “BE RADIANT” • ACNE, DRY SKIN, Martensville offers numerous options for area residents. With eyePages including this one: anti-aging facial (lookhealth and wellness SCARRING and younger 60 mins) younger ROSACEA treatments care, anti-aging dental-care, healthcare, physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy and other ROSACEA treatments youngerininin60 60mins) mins) ROSACEA treatments (look facial SCARRING and in 60 mins) optionsyounger conveniently located within the community, Martensville provides residents with ROSACEA treatments The “NATURAL FACE LIFT” •••younger The in 60 mins)FACE everything they BELL’S PALSY and treatments BELL’S PALSY and The“NATURAL “NATURAL FACELIFT” LIFT” •••ROSACEA BELL’S PALSY and • The “NATURAL FACE LIFT” • BELL’S PALSY and need to maintain (for optimal and long (for optimal TMJ disorder • The FACE TMJ a healthy lifestyle. (for“NATURAL optimaland andlong long LIFT” • BELL’S PALSY and TMJdisorder disorder (for optimal and long TMJ disorder Not only are there lasting results) lasting results) lasting results) (for optimal and long TMJ disorder health services lasting results) NATURAL CHOICE lasting results) REJUVENATION MICROCURRENT FACIAL REJUVENATION (MFR) MICROCURRENT MICROCURRENTFACIAL FACIALREJUVENATION REJUVENATION(MFR) (MFR) Look Younger, FACIAL Feel Better... NATURALLY!! REJUVENATION (MFR) isisaaanon-surgical, non-surgical, non-invasive, holistically designed, MICROCURRENT FACIAL REJUVENATION (MFR) isMICROCURRENT non-invasive, holistically ASK ME ABOUT MY NATURAL SKIN CARE LINE designed, non-surgical, non-invasive, holistically designed, Specializing in... MFR ispainless non-surgical, non-invasive, holistically designed, ispainless aanon-surgical, non-invasive, designed, treatment that works in synergy with your treatment that inholistically with your painless treatment thatworks works insynergy synergy with your • painless The “BEtreatment RADIANT” • ACNE, DRY SKIN, that works in synergy with your painless treatment that works inSCARRING synergy with (look anti-aging facial andyour body's own natural energy system producing body's natural energy system ———producing body'sown own natural energy system producing youngerown in 60natural mins) energy system ROSACEA treatments body's — producing body's own natural energy system — producing amazing anti-aging results and improved health. anti-aging results improved health. amazing anti-aging results and improved health. • amazing The “NATURAL FACE LIFT”and • BELL’S PALSY and amazing anti-aging results and improved health. amazing anti-aging health. (for optimal and long results and improved TMJ disorder LeanneSchellenberg Schellenberg Leanne Leanne Schellenberg Leanne Schellenberg (306)242-7220 242-7220 (306) (306)242-7220 242-7220 (306) lasting results) MICROCURRENT FACIAL REJUVENATION (MFR) Martensville Martensville SKSK Martensville SK is a non-surgical, non-invasive, holistically designed, Martensville SK Martensville SK painless treatment that works in synergy with your body's own natural energy system — producing amazingGift anti-aging and improved health. Gift Certificates Available Available GiftCertificates Certificatesresults Available GiftCertificates CertificatesAvailable Available Gift FreeConsultations Consultations Free Martensville SK (306) 242-7220 /NaturalChoiceRejuvenation /NaturalChoiceRejuvenation /NaturalChoiceRejuvenation /NaturalChoiceRejuvenation /NaturalChoiceRejuvenation Nerium International Gift Certificates Available Free Consultations Free Consultations Free Consultations Leanne Schellenberg Independant Brand Partner Free Consultations Visit my website print your coupon Visit Visitmy mywebsite websitetototoprint printyour yourcoupon coupon IMPROVEMENTS IMPROVEMENTS Visit my website totoprint your coupon IMPROVEMENTS Visit my website print your coupon /NaturalChoiceRejuvenation $30 treatment discounts forfor $30 ininintreatment discounts IMPROVEMENTS IMPROVEMENTS for $30 treatment discounts VISIBLE VISIBLE VISIBLEININ IN for inintreatment discounts Visit my to print your coupon for$30 $30website treatment discounts IMPROVEMENTS VISIBLE IN VISIBLE IN www.naturalchoicerejuvenation.com forwww.naturalchoicerejuvenation.com $30 in treatment discounts ONE SESSION ONE SESSION www.naturalchoicerejuvenation .com ONE SESSION VISIBLE IN www.naturalchoicerejuvenation.com ONE SESSION www.naturalchoicerejuvenation.com ONE ONESESSION SESSION www.naturalchoicerejuvenation.com or WHOLifE Journal available, but also many fitness options. With multiple gyms, fitness classes and walking trails available throughout the city, there is something for everyone. The Martensville A t h l e t i c Pavilion offers programming for all age groups, a walking/running track, and multiple gym surfaces to use to play badminton, soccer, basketball, volleyball, floor hockey and more. Special events throughout the year are held to help promote a healthy lifestyle for the entire family. 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