2016 Guide to Martensville - Page 69

East Concept and Community Core • Long term vision is to have commercial on the south side of Main Street as well to compliment the planned Lake Vista Common commercial area. • Envisioned as part of East Concept Growth Plan in 2009. • The City of Martensville acquired 250 acres of land south of Main St in 2014, which assisted in realizing the East Concept Growth Plan. • Part of this plan was a community core-potential for commercial use, institutional or community services. • The vision is to be a pedestrian friendly area with shops and activities in a community oriented plaza • This area will also include a legacy area-park to preserve the Ens Family Homestead. • Future Growth Plan is currently underway, which will further define this core area. Visit www.martensville.ca for more information. Residential Commercial and Service Work Shaun: 306-260-7894 Garett: 306-381-7560 E-mail: auroraelectric@outlook.com 69