2016 Guide to Martensville - Page 6

Business Licensing and This Community Guide One of the main objectives of this guide is to profile what the City of Martensville has to offer in terms of local services for residents but also for business to business relationships. The Businesses listed in this guide’s directory and in the online business directory at Martensville.ca are those that are licensed within the City of Martensville and include storefront, contractor, vendors and home based businesses. We encourage you to check out what services Martensville has locally. If your business is not listed in the directory portion, please ensure you are licensed with the City of Martensville - we look forward to and value your participation in this guide. About Licenses: Business: All people selling products or services within the City limits are required to purchase a Business License from the City Office. Business Licenses are required by all store fronts, home based businesses, door to door sales people, trades people, and any party wishing to conduct business within the City of Martensville. Business licensing helps ensure compliance with land use and building regulations as well as providing important information for community planning and needs assessment. Home Based Businesses are applied for, as per Martensville’s Zoning Bylaw. There are regulations which must be met with regard to storage of materials, noise, signs etc. If you are considering a Home Based Business please contact the Planning Office prior to commencing operation. It can take up to two months for the process to take its course and it may require a recommendation from Council prior to starting your business. For additional licensing information visit www.martensville.ca or contact: City Hall Infrastructure Services & Planning Planning Manager 37 Centennial Dr. S Box 970, S0K 2T0 306.931.2166 6