2016 Guide to Martensville - Page 54

Maple Ridge Terrace B4 Martens Crescent G5 MacCormack Road F5-6 Mirond Road D8 Parr Hill Drive D6-8 Penner Place C4 Quessy Drive H2-3 Reddekopp Drive B3-5 Reimer Road H4-6 Regier Place G4 Remai Place C2 Rock Hill Lane G5-6 Salmon Way G6 Sandstone Terrace B5 Sandy Rise C5 Slater Crescent G4 Springview Terrace B5 Stone Terrace H2-4 Stony Crescent G6 Tudor Bay C4 Tudor Heights C5 1st Avenue North A-E2 1st Avenue South E-G2 1st Street North D3 1st Street South E1-4 2nd Avenue North D-E2 2nd Avenue South G-H2 2nd Street North D2-3 & D4 2nd Street South F1-4 3rd Avenue North C2 3rd Avenue South E3 & F-G2 3rd Street North C1-7 3rd Street South F2-4 4th Avenue North D-E3 & C3 4th Street North C3 4th Street South F1-6 5th Avenue North D-E3 5th Street North C3-4 5th Street South G3 6th Avenue North D4 & A-B4 6th Avenue South E-H4 6th Street North C2-5 6th Street South G2 8th Avenue North D4 &C5 8th Avenue South E-H4 8th Street North A1 9th Street North A1-6 10th Avenue North A-E6 10th Avenue South E – I6 16th Avenue North D8 F G H I 1 4 13. North Ridge Centennial Community Centre 14. Outdoor Aquatic Facility 15. Martensville Athletic Pavilion 16. Ball Diamonds (Slow Pitch) 17. Concession 18. Tennis/Pickle Ball Courts 19. Basket Ball Court 20. Tobogganing Hills 21. Geransky Field 22. Ball Diamonds (Baseball & Fastball) 23. Future Ball Diamonds & Soccer Pitches City of Martensville Map 3 6 24. Spray Pool 25. Soccer Pitches 26. Disk Golf 27. Martensville Speedway – Go-Kart Track 28. Bergthaler Mennonite Church 29. Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church 30. Martensville Alliance Church 31. Martensville Baptist Church 32. Martensville Mission Church 33. Off Leash Dog Park 5 7 8 N School Church Commercial Community Service Industrial Parks Residential MAP KEY Note: Streets run East & West. Avenues run North & Souty. Numerical Streets and Avenues are indicated as being North & South of Main Street. 2 1. City Hall 2. Fire Department 3. RCMP 4. Civic Centre 5. Canada Post Office 6. STC Bus Stop 7. Doctor Office 8. Dentist and/or Optometrist Offices 9. Physiotherapy Office 10. Sports Centre (Curling/Skating) 11. Heritage Centre 12. Senior Citizens Centre F G H I 54 55