2016 Guide to Martensville - Page 5

Table of Contents The 2016 Guide Welcome to Martensville Pages 6-21 Business Licensing Alphabetical List of Advertisers Frequently Called Numbers Service Group Directory Economic Development Message From the Mayor City Council Top 10 List Information & Visitor Centre History Page 6 Produced by: Page 8-9 Martensville Messenger Page 10-11 (306) 668-1093 Page 12 Page 13 www.martensvillemessenger.ca Page 14-15 Page 16 The City of Martensville Page 17 (306) 931-2166 Page 18 www.martensville.ca Page 19-21 Community Pages 22-55 MFD & EMO RCMP, Victim Services & Bylaw Utilities, Garbage & Recycling Facilities Neighborhood Parks Schools Churches Events Recreation Information Service Groups City of Martensville Map Page 22-23 Page 24-25 Page 26-30 Page 31-34 Page 35-39 Page 40-42 Page 43 Page 44-47 Page 48-49 Page 50-53 Page 54-55 Photo Credit: Martensville Messenger Newspaper Jocelyn Anne Photography City of Martensville Housing & Development Pages 56-71 Sports & Recreation Pages 72-77 Shopping/Retail Pages 78-79 Health & Wellness Pages 80-89 Dining & Accomodations Pages 90-94 Services Pages 95-103 Business Directory Pages 104-113 5 The 2016 Guide to Martensville was produced in partnership by the City of Martensville Economic Development Department and the Martensville Messenger Newspaper. It has been created and published by the Martensville Messenger Newspaper. All efforts have been made to ensure that the contents of this guide were accurate at the time of printing. The City of Martensville and the publisher regret any errors, inaccuracies or omissions although, accept no responsibilities for same. Information contained within may be subject to change. Thank you to the business sector and advertisers for their support.