2016 Guide to Martensville - Page 28

Recycling Guidelines - Use your blue recycling cart for the storage and collection of approved recyclables only. - Do not bag or tie your recyclables; place any plastic bags inside another bag and secure. - Wheel your cart to curbside on collection day with lid closed to prevent litter or spillage. - Place your cart curbside by 7:00am on collection day with wheels against the curb. - Return your empty cart to your property at the end of collection day; leave your cart curbside in the event of weather delayed service – the collection vehicle will be through on the first available business day after the severe weather ends. - Do not remove your cart from its assigned address; do not paint or mark your cart. Keep a record of your cart number. - Inform All Green Recycling of any damage, vandalism or theft of the cart. How does the “one cart-no sort” program work? Households will receive one 95 gallon blue recycling cart in which all approved household recyclables can be placed. These carts provide lots of capacity and an easy closing lid to prevent windblown litter. No more sorting the recyclables into separate bins or bags. See the list of approved items on www.loraas.ca Do we need to bag the recyclables before placing them in the cart? No, we specifically ask that customers DO NOT BAG or TIE their recyclables before depositing them into their cart. Bagged or tied materials outside the cart will not be picked up. The exception is plastic grocery bags and clean plastic film. Place these items inside another bag and secure. How should I prepare my recyclables for collection? Flatten all cardboard boxes. Wash and rinse all beverage containers, food plastics and household tins before depositing to your blue recycling cart. Remove all lids and caps from all containers. Labels do not have to be removed. I have too much waste and/or recyclable materials, what if I need additional carts? For additional carts, Loraas Disposal will handle all the administration for additional carts (both recycling and garbage). Additional recycling and garbage carts are provided on a prepaid annual subscription basis with pickup days the same as current municipal schedules. To order additional carts, residents should contact: Inside Sales Representative Loraas Disposal (306) 242-2300 28