2016 Guide to Martensville - Page 25

Martensville Bylaw Enforcement Bylaw Enforcement Officer: 306 229-6859 Local bylaws are in effect to ensure public safety. The City of Martensville’s bylaws are actively enforced. Specific bylaws that are enforced but are not limited to include: Animal Control Bylaw Business Licensing Bylaw Forestry Bylaw Noise Bylaw Nuisance Bylaw Snow Removal Bylaw Traffic Bylaw, Parking Infractions, Skateboard Infractions Waste Bylaw Zoning Bylaw (listed under Planning & Regulations) For more information about bylaws or if you have a concern, please contact the Bylaw Office at City Hall, 306 931-2166 or visit www.martensville.ca Lost and Found Pets If a stray cat or dog is located, take the following steps: • During weekdays (8:00am to 5pm) contact the Bylaw Officer at 306-2296859 (after 5pm or on weekends see below). You may need to leave a message. • If you have been unable to contact the Bylaw Officer, then contact City Hall Planning Clerk at 306-931-2166. • After Hours: If the animal is found after 5pm or on weekends, email Paws Republic at pawsrepublic@gmail.com (they may take a few hours to get back to you, so the person with the animal will be responsible for the animal for that time). As well, Paws Republic does not pick up the animal. It must be prearranged prior to dropping the animal off at their office. Paws Republic is located at Suite #5, 323 Centennial Drive, Martensville. After hours: E-mail Paws pawsrepublic@gmail.com. 25 Republic at