2016 Guide to Martensville - Page 21

History of Martensville Some of the family names listed on a map of the town from this time period were Braun, Bartsch, Bueckert, Dyck, Enns, Ens, Fehr, Freisen, Geisbrecht, Ginther, Klassen, Letkeman, Martens, Penner, Peters, Wall, and Weibe. Infrastructure took longer to arrive, except electricity which was here before there was any type of settlement. Gas was brought to the town in 1970 and sewer and water in 1976. Centennial Drive was the first street to be paved in 1975 and was originally done by the Department of Highways. The next street to be paved was 3rd Avenue South in 1980. ERVING YOURS SINCE 1975 TOPSOIL • CRUSH ROCK WWW.GERANSKYBROS.CA 306.931.2211 21