2016 Guide to Martensville - Page 20

History of Martensville Martensville was incorporated as a village 50 years ago in 1966. At this time, the population of Martensville had outgrown its hamlet status and applied to become a village. Harry (Henry) Baycroft Avenue A Service Station and Shop-Rite 1965, Martensville’s first business. was elected by Photo Courtesy of Gertrude Siemen the 784 residents as overseer (term for mayor at that time) of Martensville as it attained village status. He and Councillors Gordon Unrau and Peter Fehr served for the 3 years Martensville was a village, 1966-1968. OUR FAMILY SERVI Martensville had been unincorporated until this time with no restrictions regarding the types of housing allowed or where they were placed. Many substandard houses had been moved in from Saskatoon and neighbouring communities. During the village years, bylaws and housing regulations were introduced and enforced and subdivisions were developed. About 27 houses were removed and 47 building permits were issued while the village grew to a population of over 1000 with over half under the age of 18. What had been considered a distant suburb of Saskatoon now became a bedroom community. • GRAVEL • TOPS 21 20