2016 Guide to Martensville - Page 13

Economic Development and Business in Martensville The City of Martensville established an Economic Development Department in 2009. We market Martensville and support business development in the community to meet the needs of business and residents. The focus is work within the community to facilitate the most conducive environment for business to start, expand and thrive to add to the employment opportunities in the community. We are also active in regional partnerships and relationships to ensure a collaborative approach to building a strong regional and provincial economy. Our primary focus areas: - Initiate and Support Commercial, Industrial and Residential growth and attraction. - Assist Entrepreneurs and Small Business to Start-up and Expand. - Build the profile of Martensville, market it as a place to live, work and invest. If you have questions about starting a business, are looking for local information or wish to discuss business opportunities in Martensville you can contact us or visit us at martensville.ca. Contact: Community / Economic Development Manager Dillon Shewchuk City of Martensville Box 970, Martensville SK S0K 2T0 Ph: (306) 931-2166 economicdevelopment@martensville.ca 13