2016 Food & Farm Directory Annual Publication Annual Publication - Page 6

Why Buy Local? Eating and buying local is gaining momentum as we recognize the value of sourcing food from local farmers and ranchers. As our Central Oregon food supply grows, so do our benefits. Take a look and see if our reasons for buying local resonate with you too! Tomatoes ripen better on the vine where they maintain their flavor, color and sweetness. Seasonal eating helps you discover the tastes and possibilities of foods through fresh, seasonal cooking food adventures! From parsnips and beets, to kale and leeks, discovering new foods opens up endless possibilities. and miles traveled of vegetables by switching from supermarket products to locally grown. Studies show that a diet made up of regional food uses 17 times less petroleum than a typical diet bought from the store and shipped across the country and the world. “The difference in the taste between what I grow in my garden or pick up at the farmers market is night and day from the grocery store. I don’t buy out-of-season tomatoes anymore.” 6 a su su sa c ro “I buy local because it tastes better and I know who is producing my food. I love being able to pick up my CSA and talk to my farmer.” 2. Ripeness & Taste F th C fo 1.The faces behind the farm Isn’t it strange that we don’t know where our food comes from other than an occasional sticker on the apple or broccoli? By keeping your food supply close to home, you can easily establish a connection between you, your farmer, and your food. Making this connection happens by cooking new or old recipes, eating strawberries right out of the green pint basket, talking to your local farmer, mingling with friends at the market, )ݥѡЁԁɔѥɕ͠)%Ё́()d((иeȁȁ)ѡ(̸٥ɽх)%()QٕɅхՅ͠Ʌٕ)̀ā́ɽɴѼє)ЁՅ͠ɔѕѡ՝)́ɔɥɥ䁝ɽݸѡ)UѕMхѕ̰ѡɅٕѡȁ(İ̸)%她ԁٔ)єЁѡ)ѕ)eԁɕՍѡɉɥ()Qٕ́ݼ́ɸ)Qɔݕɔݼ́ɸ)݅́ɽݸ=ɕѡѡ) ɹ) Ѡݕɔ՝Ёɽѡ)ɽȁȁȁQ)=ɕȁ͕݅́ѡ)ɽȁѼ䁄ɥѽȰ)ݡѡɵȰݡѡ)хݡȁѡȁѼѼ)́ɽѡѕȁݡ)́ѼȁȸQ)ȁɽ ɹ͕݅́)ѡɽȁѼѡɥѽȁɽ)Aѱݡѡݡͅ)1̰́ݡѡՍ)ͼչѥЁٕՅɥ)ݸѼѡɵȁ)չ丁]ԁѡ)ɕ́她)ձeЁѕȁ((0