2016 Food & Farm Directory Annual Publication - Page 36

KOMBUCHA W 4 5 w S F Broken Top Bottle Shop 1740 NW Pence Lane, Ste. 1, Bend 541-728-0703 www.BTBSbend.com Daily 11am-10pm Y g R h th c v fr P We’ve got SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! Amazing eats! 12 rotating taps! Hundreds of bottled & canned brews! Our menu includes local foods, house-smoked meats, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options! Plus we have a rotating 12-tap selection of beer, cider and mead plus 400 more bottles in the cooler. Proudly sourcing from: Bonta Gelato, DD Ranch, Humm Kombucha & Rainshadow Organics. B N Caboost Kombucha A 147 NE Olney Ave. #100, Bend 541-382-0182 www.CaboostKombucha.com Mon-Sat, 9am-4pm Authentic craft kombucha made with real herbs, fruits and spices to simply create great taste and unique flavors appealing to many different palates. We strive to source organic or non-GMO ingredients and support local partners in all aspects of our business. Bend the Rulz and drink kombucha! Proudly sourcing from: Mahonia Gardens & Savory Spice Shop. Faith, Hope & Charity Vineyards Cindy Grossmann 70450 NW Lower Valley Dr., Terrebonne 541-350-5384 events@faithhopeandcharityevents.com www.faithhopeandcharityevents.com Sun-Thu, 12-5pm; Fri-Sat, 12-9pm Deschutes County’s first vineyard winery on exclusive farm use property growing nine varieties of cold hardy hybrid grapes. Humm Kombucha 1125 NE 2nd St., Bend 541-306-6329 www.humm.com Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm At Humm Kombucha we take pride in making a delicious tasting kombucha. Our family has been brewing kombucha for over 20 years and you’ll taste the difference. It contains naturally occurring B-vitamins, beneficial bacteria, amino acids, and antioxidants. Come see us at our brewery for a free sample! We support local food and farmers and process our Humm here in Central Oregon! 36 2 5 w A a o faith, hope & charity vineyards Maragas Winery & Vineyard Sweet Alchemy We are the founding winery and vineyard in Central Oregon making Old world wines. We farm organically and support local producers. Become a wine club perk member and get discounts and dinner invites. Proudly sourcing from: local farmers - our May 1st event is exemplary of this with the roasting of a local lamb. Raw Oregon honey thoughtfully infused with nature’s \ܙ[X\[[[K[X^[\K[X^[[Y]ˈH\][\[[HX[[\[[ۈ^\B[^Y[H[\Yۙ^H\[\\X\ۘ[Y^HXKYH\[N[ [[BXXK\x&\[K\Y\HXB[ Y\X\\K]ܞHXB [X[][\ [[ܙYۂ]ܙKYX\Y\ŒMMLKM[\M KMM MM [X\Y\[\KB˛X\Y\[\KB[SX^KY T[ LX[KM\BX^KQXY S[ۋ LX[KM\BX]\X]H܈][‚N [\HY[ۙM KNMMNN˜Y][[^K]\]\XXYH܈H\و[]Z[\܈ۛ[K[\H\Y[\‚[L M KM̍XX[\H\Y[\“ۈ\] L[ۂ[\H\Y[\\HX[\Y[][ۈ][]Y[X\[\[ H\Hݙ\ق[\YX[[[ XZ[˂܈\XXHۈ\]B[و[\]ܚ]H\[ۋ[[H܈\ܝ[[BYH\[N\[\“YYX[[\Y\HXH\H [YY\˂