2016 Food & Farm Directory Annual Publication - Page 33

o. er m d & r MEAT MARKET Primal Cuts Meat Market 1244 NW Galveston, Bend 541-706-9308 www.primalcutsmeatmarket.com 7 days a week, 10am-7pm Primal Cuts Market offers the finest in locally raised, sustainable, carefully chosen, high quality meat products. We have a great selection of sandwiches, charcuterie boards, house-made sausages, sauces, rubs, sauerkraut, kimchi, honey and wine.  We also offer 37 taps of great tasting local and regional beer, cider, sangria and kombucha.  Come join us for our great Happy Hour! Proudly sourcing from: Gunpowder Roasting Ranch, DD Ranch, Pilot Butte Bison, Vaquero Valley Ranch, Deschutes Brewery, Worthy Brewing Co., Justys Jellys, Venture Fermenters & Humm Kombucha FOOD CARTS A Broken Angel- Food Cart & Catering 643 NW Colorado, Bend Located behind Palate A Coffee Bar 541-550-7727 Facebook @ A Broken Angel Food Cart Cart is daily, except Mondays. Catering & special events. Updates see Facebook Sustainable organic vegan food cart & catering. New Southern American with a French inspired Pacific NW flair. We feature handpicked local & organic ingredients as often as possible, including sourcing from local gardens & farmer’s markets. We also compost food waste, & use compostable containers. Proudly sourcing from: local producers and farmers markets Dump City Cumplings Corner of Bond St. and Oregon St., Downtown Bend 440-897-9185 Facebook @ Dump City Dumplings Wed-Fri 11am-2pm; Fri-Sat 10pm-2am Visit our Facebook page! Dump City Dumplings is a food cart featuring Chinese style steamed bun dumplings. We feature local produce and meat in every one of our dumplings. We are committed to sustainable sourcing of all our products. Proudly sourcing from: Juniper Jungle, Savory Spice Shop & Agricultural Connections. RESTAURANTS 900 Wall 900 SW Wall St., Bend 541-323-6295 www.900wall.com Daily 3pm-Close 900 Wall is committed to utilizing products that are true to their season, raised with respect and sourced with a commitment to our environment. We feel that part of our responsibility to the community and as a business is to source product with integrity and of the highest quality we can find. Proudly sourcing: seasonally from local farmers and ranchers. Bad Wolf Bakery & Bistro 1133 NW Wall Street, Ste. 100, Bend 541-977-1187 www.badwolfbakeryandbistro.com Mon-Sun, 7am-2pm We at Bad Wolf find our purpose in creating and serving seasonal meals, crafted coffees, distinguished cocktails & the freshest baked goods. We invite you to a relaxed and intentional environment to collectively appreciate the Bend culture of food, family, and liveliness. Proudly sourcing from: Paradise Produce Farm, Rainshadow Organics, Savory Spice Shop & Volcano Veggies. Bend Pizza Kitchen 2755 NW Crossing Dr. #101, Bend 541-647-1819 www.bendpizzakitchen.com Daily from 11am-Close At Bend Pizza Kitchen over 70% of our ingredients are organic and/or locally sourced. Never frozen always fresh. Hand tossed pizza made from dough and sauce prepared daily. Seasonal specials include the latest in what is available fresh from the soil to your plate. Delivering our menu as well as beer and wine. Proudly sourcing from: Humm Kombucha, Central Oregon Locavore and seasonally from local farmers. Brasada Ranch 16986 Brasada Ranch Rd., Powell Butte 541-526-6865 www.brasada.com Open year-round Brasada is nestled into the mountains overlooking Bend where you’ll find 8 luxurious Ranch House Suites and cabins, championship golf and Spa Brasada. Saddle up and ride miles of soft trails, hike our 1  Xܙ\]܈\\K]]XB[[[ZH[Y[\H[]˂YH\ܝܛ[Hԓ\B][[[\Y\ˈX]\][[\\XܞK[HM [H[KK K[M KM̎ L ːؙ[ BZ[H LX[KLLBx&]HQUSԈUTSӑHB[X^[X]H L][\H[YقY [Y]H\Y[H[Y\›[\K\[YYX]Y]\X[Y[[][YH[ۜHH]HB][ L]\[X[ۈوY\Y\[YXY\ [ܙH\[H\YH\[N۝H[][ [[HXXH Z[Y“ܙ[X˂\YH[[\H[]]BMMH[\\[YH^K[M KLN L B˘\YX[[\KB[]][ۈ\HY[ [\]Y\]\[]H\YH[[\H[]]B]\\\Z[XHZ\[H]H[ \K]]XH[\\\ˈ\[\™[XXHX][[\\[\Z[XBXX\˂H\YH[[\H[]]H][[ܙYۈ[][]HYHٙ\˜\][KX\Y[X[ۈ[B\\[[\ۛY[][[\\\›ۈ\Z[X[]K\YX]\[YܙY\š[YH[[\H\Z[[\B\\Z[X[]K]][ۈ[\]\[X[Y[Y[ YH\[ΈX\ۘ[HH[X\‚‚