2016 Food & Farm Directory Annual Publication - Page 23

irectory e s CRUMP RANCH Ed Stabb 2940 NW 74th St., Redmond 541-280-1895 edsredmond@gmail.com www.stabbranches.com Daily 7am-7pm Free-range, grass-fed Angus beef. You may be interested in: being a discriminating beef buyer with an emphasis on “all natural” quality beef products. f, g, DD Ranch The Family Farm Grass-fed beef and lamb, heritage pork, raw local honey, eggs, potatoes, rhubarb, petting zoo, and play areas. Fall pumpkin patch, field trips, parties and weddings. You may be interested in: Summer family events, pumpkin patch, farmstand, meats CSA Green grass, beautiful mountain views. Life is good on The Family Farm. Bees are buzzing, chickens run amok and Gladys, the Jersey milk cow, reigns queen over it all. On Farming Tuesdays, ages 2-12 are free with their big people. Call us about field trips. You may be interested in: wholesome food from a farmer you know. Dome Grown Produce Fields Farm Small family farm located in Redmond. All products and eggs are grown and raised organically and naturally. You may be interested in: being a farm member that wants fresh, organically grown, local food in season. A 10 acre mixed vegetable farm with CSA and on-farm sales, using organic and sustainable practices for the past 27 years. Honey and eggs also available. You may be interested in: being a farm customer, CSA member, or community member through Locavore and Agricultural Connections. Linda Anspach 3836 NE Smith Rock Way, Terrebonne 541-233-8359 linda@ddranch.net www.ddranch.net Farm store open Wed-Sun, 11am-4pm. Recommended to call ahead Amanda Benkert 7858 SW 61st St., Redmo M KM L [X[PYYܛۋܙ˙YYܛۋܙ“X^KS [KM\NXHX]B܈][‘STS[[\B\HHۂ LHۈܙYZ [][BM KL L \Z\PXZ[ B˙XX˘K[[٘\B\H[[[ۋT] \H\B\ KXH[Z]ˈܘ\YY[[\YYY[[XܘZ[X[ܘ\YYܚˈH\X\H\[ܙ[X[[[ZX[\XX[\HY]˂\]YH]\[Y]X\ˈ\B\YX][ۘ[ܚ[\B^\]Z[XK[HX^HH[\\Y[\H[[ܛ[H˔˔ۋY\H][˂HY[B \X[\M KMM MBKY[Z[KY\PXZ[ BYH\]\ۈ\Z[Y\^\ŽN LLN[H\[H[۝و[KXYHY[NLMH]Yܙ] [M KL N NBY[٘\Y\]\XZ[ B˙Y[٘\Kܙ“[YKT]\[^[Y\‚Z] H \]H[^X\‚[HܛX[ L\[^H\XۛBM KLL ML ][Z]X[\]Y][˘B˙Z]X[\]Y][˘B[UK LM\NKT]  LN\B\]\[x&\\[^X\[\Hۂ^\]H\H\H\Hܛ[\Y]Y\و\HXYܘ\\˂[HX^HH[\\Y[[H܈\\K]\X][ܜܘ]H][܈Y[[Y\˂VH[\‚‚