2016 Food & Farm Directory Annual Publication - Page 18

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) JUNIPER JUNGLE What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way to bring fresh produce from the farm to your table each week.  You pledge your support to a farm by purchasing a CSA for the season, and they pledge to provide fresh food to you weekly. By purchasing a CSA you are becoming a part of a CSA community that provides mutual support and shares the risks and benefits of food production. Is a CSA For Me? A CSA allows people to have direct access to high quality, fresh produce grown by regional farmers and is a wonderful way to get more vegetables into your diet. You will be exposed to new vegetables and often times be given recipes or ideas on how to [K\Y\ݙH][Z\HY[X\\]H\BۜY\Z[H[Z[H]YHHܚ[\K]H]‚[HXZ]HHYZHو\܈ N LYZ\[[Sؙ\\\[YHH\Y]BوܙY[[Y]X\ˈYB\Y\ٙ\H[ۈYY\\܈YX]ˈX[\\\X[HYY L[B[H\H\\[YYB[Z[Hو ܈[ܙK[]\HH L M ܈B[[Y\Y[H\[&]XH^B܈H\ Y۝[]ۘKX[H\Y\X\^[Y[[[ٙ\ܚY܋]YB[ۜˈ[H[[^H][\ӐT[Y]H\[[\\[^[H܈[X[H[\H^HH\Y\]H[ Y[ۙ[XY\‘\Y\X\] YHYH $ӐTYJK[H[ۜ‚܈B[H\H[[\[\]\ۛ[B\XܞH܈HHH\[ˈNYH\Y\ٙ\Y]XH[YX]\[BH\H[ۜX\Y[\˂]\H‘\[[ۈH^H[BKx&\[[B\]\H[[][]H\ܝYYܚX[\H\\[[\˂Y]XHBX\\B[[\B[\\[BYHܛۈXBXZۚXH\[‚Y[\Bܙ[XX\H[Y‚\Y[\BZ[YHXBNZ[Yܙ[X•\YY]Y\[•[YY\‚\BY]BYX] Z\HB[[]H\ۈ[[HXܙ\Z\H\B