2016 Food & Farm Directory Annual Publication - Page 15

y e. e. Dry Goods Bulk Tips Mark your ingredients with the name and date to avoid confusion and stay organized. Keep dry goods, especially spices, away from sun and heat. Grains & legumes - lentils, quinoa, rice, oats, and barley Spices Dry Pasta Beans  Dried Fruits Nuts Flour Sugar Field to Freezer Plan Meals and Cook at Home It is easy to cook rice for 20-40 minutes but meals with bulk beans or other grains may take longer but the wait will be worth it. Ditch the packaging Packaging, labeling and advertising takes away from the amount of product you get, and this waste ends up in the landfill. We generate 80 million tons of waste from packaging and containers each year, which is nearly 30% of the total waste in landfills. Tips for Bulk Buying Fruits and Vegetables You can buy seasonable fruits and vegetables in bulk and then freeze, can, or otherwise preserve them for later. Preserving vegetables and fruit at their peak of ripeness means they will taste good when eaten a few months later. If you want to learn more about preserving, contact your local OSU Extension office for information on food preservation classes, safety tips and becoming on OSU Master Food Preserver. Central Oregon Locavore also has educational classes. Buying meat in bulk saves a lot of money but takes up a lot of freezer space. If you are interested but haven’t taken the plunge, consider these factors: • Think about the type of meat cuts you eat most often • How much freezer space is available • How much protein does your family consume in a certain period of time • Share a ¼ or ½ cow or pig with your friends or another family A rule of thumb is one cubic foot of freezer space for each 35-40 pounds of cut and wrapped meat (as a visual, a quarter cow fills approximately four milk crates). Meat can be stored in the freezer for 9-12 months. Long storage periods contribute to freezer burn, dehydration, and broken packages, which results in sacrificing quality and quantity. To find a rancher that sells in bulk, look for this symbol REMUDA RANCH Good Vegetables and Fruits to Buy in Bulk Pumpkin & Winter Squash Corn Beets Onions Parsnips Turnips Rhubarb Peas Beans Potatoes Garlic Rutabagas Apples Berries 15