2016 Faces of Rhode Island - Page 24

SPECIAL PROMOTION Faces of Rhode Island ★ 2016 ★ THE FACE OF Innovative Education Matt Glendinning, Head of School, Moses Brown “Innovation is a challenge for any organization, as there’s a danger of losing one’s way,” says Matt Glendinning, Moses Brown’s Head of School. “Fortunately, Quakerism serves as our lodestar, giving us a set of timeless values that keep us true to our course, even as we find ways to adapt our pedagogy to the new century.” With a combination of values and vision, Glendinning has rapidly rolled out new initiatives that position Moses Brown at the leading edge of its industry. These include school-wide implementation of project-based learning, travel and civic engagement opportunities, rigorous STEM offerings, and creative physical spaces that foster collaboration and problem-solving. “We may date back to the eighteenth century,” says Glendinning, “but by combining cutting-edge methods, tools, and teaching, we’re preparing kids to lead with vision and integrity through the twenty-first.” 250 Lloyd Ave., Providence, 831-7350, mosesbrown.org Faces_12.16.indd 128 11/4/16 11:07 AM