2016 Faces of Rhode Island - Page 19

SPECIAL PROMOTION Faces of Rhode Island ★ 2016 ★ THE FACES OF Empowering Women Bryant University Bryant University Women’s Summit® director and co-founder Kati Machtley (front right) with Bryant co-chairs (clockwise): Mary Maroney (co-founder), director of library services; Sheila Guay, director conferences and special events; Annette Cerilli, director, Executive Development Center; and Betty Powers (co-founder), office of the provost. When Kati Machtley, a former nursing educator, came to Bryant in 1996, she was impressed that the institution has always recognized the importance of educating women. With her background in higher education and her experience educating and mentoring women, she enlisted some like-minded colleagues to create the first Women's Summit® in 1997. On March 17, 2017, Kati and her team will celebrate "20 Years of Inspiring, Empowering, and Advancing Women!" Over the years, the Women's Summit® has welcomed prominent speakers who have helped thousands to discover and achieve their potential. Notable keynotes include Viola Davis, Arianna Huffington, Jane Pauley, Geraldine Ferraro, Mika Brzezinski, and Sher ɽ]ѭ̸-Ѥɥѕ́ѡՍ́ѡٕЁѼ͕ٕɅѼ)ȁѕ 兹ЁUٕͥѕѥѡЁȁ͉ 兹ЁUٕͥAɕͥЁI,5ѱ䰁́ѡٕӊe)ɽЁٽѕ̸qQ]éMյ ́ѡ݅́ 兹ЁѥՕ́́ɅѥѵЁѼՍѥ)ݽt́ͅ-Ѥq%Ё́ɕ݅ɑѼ͕ͼ䁉ݕɕѼՍɽͥ䰁ͽ䰁今t1ɸ)ɔЁյй兹йԸ((՝́AMѡĴȴ兹й()|ȸع((ļм؀ԁ4((0