2016 Annual Report - Page 6

Treasurer’s Report Community Support Frankston has had another successful year providing assistance, Emergency Relief, referrals and information to residents of The City of Frankston. Total funds received for Emergency Relief was $272,985. Funding from Department of Social Services was $247,485, a decrease of $89,819 from last year which reduced our capacity to provide assistance. This reduction was part of a nationwide reduction in funding to welfare agencies. The agency was again very grateful for the support and funds provided by the Magistrates Court $12,000, R.E.Ross Trust $13,500 and St Anne’s Church $2008, in support of our Emergency Relief program. Total Emergency Relief expenditure was $271,734 a decrease of $90,353, which included staffing costs of $50,674. The bulk of assistance provided to clients included Food Gift Cards, $121,986, Accommodation/Rental $38,507, Food $13,019 Utilities/Telephone $11,843, Registration/Licence $11,220 and School Text Books/Uniforms/Fees $6152. The Agency was also a successful applicant for a grant of $12,822 from the Lord Mayor’s Feed Melbourne funding. These funds were used to purchase large refrigerators and freezers to assist with our fresh food program. Administration income totalled $73,800 which included Bank Interest on cash reserves $9467, Donations $40,816, Miscellaneous $6537 and Department of Social Services Volunteer Grant $4910. 6 Included in the donations were $10,000 from Councillor Rebekah Spelman $18000, Rotary Frankston Sunrise $3000, Freemasons Lodge/Foundation $1000, Langwarrin Community Centre $1000, Soroptimist of Mornington Peninsula and $1000 Barry Dean Pharmacy. Expenses totaled $43,242 similar to last year. Items of expenditure included Stationery/Office Supplies $3087, Audit Fee $2550, Supplies $2819 and Miscellaneous $21,046 which included costs of projects funded by donations and general one-off expenses. Depreciation of Assets was $328. I would like to acknowledge the ongoing invaluable support of City of Frankston for the provision of our premises and payment of our major running costs. Special thanks also for the generous donations of Councillor Spelman, Rotary Club of Frankston Sunrise, Frankston Freemasons, Frankston Magistrates Court, The R.E. Ross Trust, Soroptimist of Mornington Peninsula, Langwarrin Community Centre and Barry Dean Pharmacy. Also many thanks for the support of our Auditors Shepard Webster & O’Neill Audit P/L, Coles and Ritchies supermarkets who provide discounts on their services and goods supplied. I also acknowledge the support of local Residents, Business, Church and Community Organisations and the invaluable contribution of our volunteers who all play a part in the ongoing success of our Organisation. Terry Mackay Treasurer Th ɔչ䁥́܁Ёɕ́́ЁձɅ((0