2016 Annual Report - Page 33

Supporters Community Support Frankston would like to acknowledge anyone who anonymously contributed and the following individuals, businesses, organisations who have kindly donated money or their products and services. MAJOR SUPPORTERS Barrie Thomas, Triple A Foundation Community Support Frankston Volunteers Department of Social Services (DSS) Frankston City Council Frankston Magistrates’ Court Lord Mayors’s Charitable Foundation Operation Larder R.E. Ross Trust Rotary Club of Frankston Sunrise SUPPORTERS Aglow Anderson’s Removals & Storage AUZ Country Carriers Avocare Community Connect Backpack Beds for Homeless Banksia House Barrie Dean Pharmacy Better Life Communications Blessing Bags Brumby’s Mt Eliza Brumby’s Towerhill Bubbles on Beach Cake Decorators Frankston Caritas Group Chapel of the Resurrection – Peninsula School DBS Database Services Fareshare Frankston Business Network Frankston Churches Community Breakfast Frankston City Council – Positive Ageing Frankston City Council – Compliance Team Frankston Food Access Network (FFAN) Frankston Library Frankston Presbyterian Church Frankston RSL Frankston Wranglers Charity Club Hoyts Frankston Input Fitness - Frankston Knit-a-Row-and-Go KOGO (Knit One Give One) Community Support Frankston Langwarrin Community Centre Mornington Peninsula Chea Z][Y“[ܛ[ۈ[[[H[][]HۛX[ۜ“][\[X“ޒ\\[H܈Y[\”[[[H]H\][H\”]وHY[\”PHۜ[[”PՈ[ۂ\Y[YYX[BX[ܛ\”]Y\[][]H[Y]\H\\\HXو[ۈܝ\HXوۙ\[Y]^H][^BXYܙ[][\Xۙ]B\HHYۚ]B[\H\Z]Y\[H[X\Hܛ[Z\Y]B]\Y”[x&\\\XYܙ[Y\H\”Zx&\[X[X[B[][\YY][X[\ܝ M‚