2016 Annual Report - Page 29

Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services Department of Social Services (DSS) In 1977 the Australian Government introduced the Emergency Relief Program. Its purpose is to assist the Agency deliver emergency, financial or other assistance to individuals and families in immediate financial crisis. Under the DSS “new way of working” Grants, CSF provide ER material aid under the Families and Communities Programme; Financial Wellbeing and Capability subdivision. Centrelink Centrelink employs Community Engagement Officers who provide support to people of all ages who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. These officers deliver services to people outside the traditional Customer Service Centre setting, with CSF being one location. This means people can be assisted in an environment in which they feel comfortable, and where they can be supported by others such as CSF community workers. Operation Larder The congregation of St Andrew’s Church, High Street, Frankston formed the Operation Larder program in 1982. The agency has a strong and successful relationship with Larder volunteers who continue, on a weekly basis, to donate food items for distribution to residents in crisis. Their volunteers are involved with a number of church and non church groups. Operation Larder is a valuable partner of the CSF annual Frankston Community Appeal. Community Support Frankston Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services, in partnership with South East Water and CSF, provides free and confidential financial counselling services. These have been co-located at the agency since 2002. Frankston Magistrates’ Court The Frankston Magistrates’ Court provides funds to be dispersed to the organisation from monetary penalties imposed by a Magistrate as a condition of ‘Undertaking to be of Good Behaviour’. These funds are distributed through the agency’s Emergency Relief Program and assist people with the payment of emergency medical and pharmaceutical items, travel, accommodation and utility accounts. CSF has worked in partnership with Frankston Magistrates’ Court since the mid 1980s. Australian Taxation Office The Australian Taxation Department established a Tax Help Program at CSF in 1989. The agency has participated in this program by providing accommodation, equipment and support for the Tax Help volunteers working out of the organisation. Mornington Peninsula Community Connections After Dr John Murphy founded Mornington Peninsula Community Connections, he and the organisation have worked together on a number of successful projects, including the Getting Involved Project and the book Emergency Relief – A Guide for Small Community Groups which was distributed throughout Australia. | Annual Report 2016 29