2016 Annual Report - Page 27

Reaching our Community Through Services, Projects and Partnerships Barry Dean Pharmacy Tax Help 2015 — 2016 Tax Help is a free and confidential service, provided from 1st July to 31 October, to low income earners to complete their Tax returns. Established over 26 years ago, Tax Help has been assisting a diverse range of people who meet certain criteria lodge their Tax Return. Typically, clients accessing the program are unable to afford to pay an accountant, find it difficult to complete their own tax returns and are more comfortable asking for assistance from someone in the community than approaching a tax agent. We were excited to start a new relationship with Julie Wong and the Barry Dean Pharmacy, now our central point for assisting clients with essential medicines and chemist letters for items such as baby formulas and incontinence pads. Barry Dean pharmacy also donated $1,000 to sponsor TOTE bags for CSF’s Emergency Relief program. Wetlands Fun Run The Tax Help volunteers Peter, Rita, Albert and Lucy assisted 143 people with their Tax returns. All Community Volunteers are fully trained, accredited and supported by the Australian Taxation Office. Years of Tax Help Service: Peter Lewis 20 years Albert Chivilò 16 years Rita Cairney 12 years Peter Lewis receiving his 20 Year tax help voulenteer certificate at the Feb 4th CSF Information and Training day. CSF volunteers and staff participated in the Rotary Peninsula 2.0 hosted event to raise funds for a Kindred Clubhouse program in Frankston, a welcoming place for those suffering with a mental illness. Community Support Frankston | Annual Report 2016 27