2016 Annual Report - Page 26

Reaching our Community Through Services, Projects and Partnerships Laundry Program CSF has teamed up with Nicole and Glynis (pictured above) at Bubbles on Beach to provide a washing service for clients that don’t have access to the necessary resources to keep clothes and bedding clean. More than just a washing and drying service, the lovely ladies assist with powders, conditioners and engage our clients in friendly and dignified conversations. Mayor’s Picnic CSF volunteers and staff attended the 2015 Frankston Mayor’s Family Picnic at the Cruden Farm in Langwarrin. Our annual kids’ lucky dip and great gummy bear challenge raise a small amount of money for the Frankston Community Appeal but our real mission is to spread the word about the services that CSF provides to those doing it tough in our community. Voices of Frankston Lend Lease Project Now in its second year the VoF Choir provides a much needed social outlet and community meal. VoF brings community members together to establish new social networks and engage in singing and performance as professionally directed by the School of Hard Knocks. Up to 40 members attend VoF each week and CSF continues its support of this worth project. An upgrade of CSF’s garden space took place thanks to its selection by Lend Lease as its ‘Community Day’ Project. The project managed to transform a barren leaf infested space into an outside space for our volunteers. The new space includes paved and crushed stone walkways, an undercover area for volunteer lunches, tree works and a small fruit and vegetable patch. 26 The measure of a community is how it treats its most vulnerable members