2016 Annual Report - Page 21

Information and Resources Brochures Information Technology Community Support Frankston develops and maintains 35+ community information brochures. Volunteers providing this service and maintaining the brochures include Sue Grogan, John Thompson, Sheron Collins and Steven Mills. IT Support and Databases The IT Team is crucial in maintaining the agency’s IT resources. Special thanks to Daniel Fenn for his major contributions in keeping CSF’s hardware, software and IT plan on track and to Barrie Holloway for maintaining CSF’s data systems which are vital for our reporting requirements and ongoing funding. Administration Each year CSF prepares, produces and distributes approximately 20,000 brochures. These are taken by our clients and are also made into special information kits, which are distributed to community agencies, schools, doctor clinics, houses of worship and community centres. Amongst the most popular brochures were “Food & Clothing” (1865), “Homeless in Frankston” (859), “Emergency Accommodation” (735), “Where to Find Housing” (753) and “Support & Information” (900). Many thanks to CSF’s administration team who spend many hours collating and recording statistics and client information; maintaining the filing system; and archiving. Team members include \][KYH]\\YH\ [Z[ۋ]\]\XXYH[\ۈ[Z[Y[\ۋX[YYXBш\\X[YYXH]ܛ\X\XX[]\[YH]H[[][]KHY[\B[HHY[x&\\X\[\ܘ[\\B]][\و[\\[\HY][YYXH˜XۛYH[[\\ܝ\˂XXYH8&Z\&H [H MBBBBBBBBB[][]H\ܝ[ۈBB[ۈ[][]H\X[BB][H\[ۈBBш]\X[BB% ̍8&Z\&B% 8&Z\&B% 8&Z\&B%L\˂X]B\]ܜ H[H MH8$ [H MHH8% L % [] [H[H HB[][]H\ܝ[ۂXX[\]X\ш\H[Z]Y[ݚYHYH[\] ٙXBٝ\H[XX\Y[XZ[X\HY[x&\˜Y[ˈ\]\\\[\H\[Y\\H܈؜›ۛ[K[[][Y[۝X[[[܈Y[˜[[Z[HYX[YYXK\XX\]\]Y[HX\[ۈ\XHYH[و \\[ H\وX\\[BYX\[X[\ܝ MB