2016 Annual Report - Page 16

CSF service fun fact: Our busiest shift (in terms of number of client encounters) was the Monday AM shift, followed closely by the Thursday PM crew. Not too far behind in third place were the Wednesday AM interviewers. Finding the Right People Total Volunteer Hours — 13,357 The core strength of Community Support Frankston has always been the commitment of its volunteers and in a year that saw significant changes, the volunteers rose to the challenge and remained focused on supporting Frankston’s most disadvantaged. Our volunteers put in a record number of hours signifying the increasing complexity of the clients walking through our doors and the greater than ever need for material aid. With change comes reflection and an information day was held in February. This gave everyone an opportunity to consider and voice Community Support Frankston’s strengths, limitations and future directions. From this a commitment was made to provide more avenues for communication with the reintroduction of case discussion groups, information folders and daily updates, to continue ongoing training and support our volunteers through their own personal challenges. We have welcomed new volunteers, some who have completed the training course and others with educational backgrounds of counselling, psychology or social work. Each has brought with them a variety of experience and incredible enthusiasm. 16 We have said good bye to some well loved volunteers (vale Ron), others who have felt it time for a new challenge or just a sea change. Community Support Volunteers do varied roles. The receptionists are the face of the centre. Many of our clients are in crisis, be it financial, emotional or otherwise and our receptionists offer the first smile and kindness. Our interviewers explore the challenges our clients face with empathy and non judgement and look for a holistic way in which to provide not only the hand out but the hand up. Behind the scenes we have volunteers collecting and distributing fresh food, toiletries, clothing and other goods, the unsung heroes in administration quietly in the background tapping away on the computers with endless case notes, deciphering our writing, entering statistics and filing, the never ending filing! The lone heroes/gentlemen of IT watch over the centre’s internal systems, answering and resolving our endless questions and computer problems. The compassion, camaraderie and collaborative way in which all the volunteers work together and support each other flow onwards towards the dedication and time they spend with the people who walk through our doors. The measure of a community is how it treats its most vulnerable members