2016 Annual Report - Page 14

Recognition of Service Vale Ron Allen Life Members Ronald Allan 13.01.1926 — 20.04.2016 CSF records with regret the death of volunteer Ron Allan, aged 90. Ron commenced as a volunteer at CSF in 1998 and was an active volunteer up to his death. At CSF, Ron performed many roles and was highly regarded for his enthusiasm and dedication and for his genuine concern to assist lessadvantaged members of his community. Ron was a much-loved member of the CSF family and he is remembered as a gentle and caring person who is missed by everyone who met and worked with him. We are thankful that Ron chose to devote his time and efforts to CSF and acknowledge his significant contributions to the Frankston community. 14 Pat Arthur* 1982 Gwen Shenton* 1986 Alan Coulson* 1987 Shirley Davies 1990 Dorothy Lynch* 1993 Margaret (Peg) Hess* 1996 Sheina Thompson* 1996 Peter Lewis 1998 Pat Runacres* 1998 Marie Wright 2000 Anja Cadle 2000 Joan Mitchell 2006 John Tame 2006 Terry Mackay 2008 John Murphy 2008 Carole Sweetnam 2009 Vicki Martin 2011 Maureen Macer 2011 Judy Caraher 2012 Susan Grogan 2014 Peter Martin 2015 Stewart Harkness 2015 * deceased The measure of a community is how it treats its most vulnerable members