2016-17 State of Education in Tennessee - Page 48

Accelerate Support for Tennessee ’ s Educators
Drive toward Excellence and Equity for All Tennessee Students — Especially Underserved Students
Stand Firm on Tennessee ’ s Policies That Have Led to Historic Gains , While Seizing Opportunities to Advance Innovation
As noted earlier in this report , effective teaching is the most important in-school factor in improving student learning . Research also shows that approximately 25 percent of a school ’ s effect on student academic gains can be attributed to effective leadership . 59 Tennessee ’ s educators have led the way for Tennessee students to make historic academic gains . To reach even higher , Tennessee must accelerate support for the state ’ s educators in the following ways :
First , Tennessee should be one of the nation ’ s leaders in improving teacher preparation . In 2016 , a SCORE report laid out recommendations for ensuring that Tennessee educators are prepared to teach on day one of their careers . In 2017 , more work and urgency is needed , at both the state and local levels .
This work should begin in local communities , where educator preparation providers and school districts must increase collaboration to ensure teaching candidates receive highquality classroom-based and field experiences that match what they will face when entering the classroom . Preparation programs should make it a priority to thoughtfully use the State Board of Education ’ s new Teacher Preparation Report Card in identifying specific strategies to improve efforts within their programs . And programs should work together with school districts and the state to outline clear goals for racial and ethnic diversity within the teaching population to increase the number of diverse teaching candidates .
ACCELERATE EDUCATOR SUPPORT : Improve teacher preparation
Continue commitment to multi-measure teacher evaluation system
Improve teacher compensation
Empower teachers through stronger professional learning and expanded teacher leadership opportunities
Build strong school leadership pipelines
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