2016-17 State of Education in Tennessee - Page 47

The Nation ’ s Report Card will gauge once again how Tennessee students compare to students in other states in fourth- and eighth-grade math and reading . A new state accountability system will go into place . And , importantly , the conversation will begin about who will succeed Governor Haslam as Tennessee ’ s 50th governor and which policies the candidates for governor will commit to pursue . Throughout these conversations , the priorities outlined here should provide the lens through which Tennessee ’ s leaders consider education policy and practice .
As this report has detailed , Tennessee students have made historic improvements over the last half-decade . Yet many students in Tennessee are still far from realizing the ultimate goal that is set for them — graduating from high school prepared for postsecondary education and the workforce .
Each year since 2009 , SCORE has worked with education stakeholders in Tennessee to identify a collective set of annual priorities for all those working to improve student achievement in the state . This year , however , the imperative for a common vision for success is even more pressing .
2017 is a critical transition year for Tennessee . A new student assessment that will set a higher baseline for student proficiency will be fully implemented .
The three priority areas identified in the 2016-17 State of Education in Tennessee reflect the consensus of Tennesseans across the state . Policymakers and practitioners , teachers and superintendents , local community and business leaders , and many other partners informed these priorities . Together , they provide an answer to a profound question for the year ahead : “ What must be achieved by the end of 2017 in Tennessee K-12 education to continue on the path to student success ?”
Every Tennessean involved in preparing students for a successful future has a role in advancing these priorities , and SCORE will remain committed to tracking progress on them throughout 2017 .
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