2016-17 State of Education in Tennessee - Page 33

1 . Improve the licensure assessment system
2 . Increase staff capacity within the Tennessee Department of Education
3 . Enhance the racial and ethnic diversity of the teaching population
4 . Strengthen classroom-based experiences for teacher candidates
5 . Increase collaboration between EPPs and school districts 6 . Develop clear process for reviewing and approving EPPs 7 . Increase access to and transparency of data on EPPs 8 . Improve the quality of the student admissions process for EPPs
TDOE , which is responsible for implementing the state board ’ s 2014 Education Preparation Policy , has focused on strengthening the way teacher preparation programs are reviewed and approved . In February 2016 , the department created a specific role within the educator licensure division to strengthen collaboration between EPPs and districts across the state . This Director of Networks and Partnerships launched an inaugural Network for Educator Preparation Partnerships . The pilot program with five EPPs and their partner districts aims to create or strengthen partnerships between educator preparation providers and school districts in support of improved teaching effectiveness .
In October , SCORE released a comprehensive report on the state of teacher preparation in Tennessee , Prepared for Day One : Improving the Effectiveness of Early-Career Teaching . 21 The report included promising practices in teacher preparation , especially about student-teaching experiences and teacher diversity , and offered recommendations to improve teacher preparation in Tennessee . An extensive review of relevant research , interviews with half of the teacher preparation programs in the state — as well as conversations with state and national experts , superintendents , and classroom teachers — all informed the report .
In December , the State Board of Education released a redesigned report card on the effectiveness of the state ’ s teacher preparation programs . The new report includes data on placement and retention rates , along with performance of EPP graduates once they enter the classroom . Tennessee is one of only 11 states to link effectiveness of EPPs with how their graduates perform in the classroom . 22
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