2016-17 State of Education in Tennessee - Page 13

SCORE , in collaboration with education partners across Tennessee , has set three bold student achievement goals with clear indicators of progress for the state :
1 . Tennessee continues to be among the fastest improving states in the country and ranks in the top half of all states in student achievement as measured by the National Assessment of Educational Progress ( NAEP ) by 2020 .
2 . Tennessee closes all student achievement gaps – at every grade level and subject area — by income , race , geographic location , and student need . These gaps should be narrowing on both state and national assessments by 2020 .
3 . Every Tennessee student graduates from high school prepared for postsecondary education and the workforce . Postsecondary enrollment and degree attainment rates by 2020 should be supporting achievement of Tennessee ’ s Drive to 55 .
The first section of this report provides a data-based view of progress on these three strategic goals — both areas of improvement and remaining opportunity . The second section provides an update on the work across three areas that have served as foundations for Tennessee ’ s work to improve student achievement . We believe that by empowering people , insisting on high expectations , and fostering a culture of innovation , Tennessee can achieve these goals . In the final section of the report , we identify three priority areas for Tennessee to maintain our state ’ s momentum to improve student achievement statewide in 2017 . Recognizing that maximum impact is made through collective action , these priorities include roles for partners across the state — not just for SCORE .
The information in this report and the priorities identified for 2017 make the case for sustained commitment by Tennesseans across the Volunteer State to the work of ensuring all students receive the education they need to prepare for success beyond high school graduation .
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