2016-17 State of Education in Tennessee - Page 12


When a Tennessee student receives a high school diploma , that new graduate should have the confidence that he or she is prepared for success in any chosen path forward . Whether Tennessee high school graduates choose to go directly into a postsecondary program , the military , or another career path , the education they received in Tennessee ’ s K-12 public schools should have them ready . Ten years ago , the US Chamber of Commerce rebuked Tennessee in a national report for misleading public school students and their parents . The state claimed nearly all students were proficient in their courses , while most graduated unprepared for college and work . 2 This defining moment sparked nearly a decade of work in Tennessee to ensure that K-12 education is better preparing all students for education beyond high school , productive work , and meaningful involvement in democratic society . The work in both policy and practice has led to nationally recognized academic progress .
Since 2009 , the State Collaborative on Reforming Education ( SCORE ) has published a comprehensive annual report on the state of public education in Tennessee . To inform the 2016-17 State of Education in Tennessee , we listened to teachers and school and district leaders in focus groups across the state ; interviewed educator preparation program leaders and other higher education faculty ; met with legislators and other policymakers ; analyzed a broad set of data ; and gathered insights from leading state and national partners . The state- and district-level data , coupled with diverse perspectives from the field , enable us to provide an update on progress toward strategic goals for Tennessee students and a consensus set of priorities to stay on the path to student success in 2017 .
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