2015 Surfing Australia Rule Book - Page 65

DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES 9. DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES 1. SURFER MISBEHAVIOUR A surfer who causes wilful destruction, damage to property, damage to surfing’s image or any other inappropriate actions shall be subject to disciplinary measures. These measures can take the form of fines, suspension, and disqualification and or any other appropriate actions as deemed by the Disciplinary Committee. Some incidents may necessitate being dealt with post event depending on the seriousness of the offence, or submission of an official complaint supported by a statement setting out the matter. 2. OFFICIALS’ DISCIPLINE Officials are expected to conduct themselves in the professional manner appropriate to the position they are entrusted with throughout the course of any event. Surfing Australia will view very seriously any inappropriate behaviour or actions with disciplinary action to be taken in the form of fines, suspensions or bans. 3. INFRINGEMENT PENALTIES Penalties for infractions are based on the following scales. Other than infractions associated with drugs and those of a more serious nature, and depending on the nature of the offence, penalties will generally be determined on the spot by the SA Tour Manager/ Surfing Australia Technical Director in consultation with the Event Director. The competitor has the right to appeal the decision to a meeting of the Committee of Management of Surfing Australia by making a submission in person or in writing. www.surfingaustralia.com 63