2015 Surfing Australia Rule Book - Page 56

Directs the Announcer and Beach Marshal to inform competitors on various situations during a heat Acts as the sole representative for all judges with respect to communicating with other contest officials, competitors and the press Discusses official protests made by competitors at the end of the round or at the end of the day Handles any complaints and disciplinary action in relation to the panel Assesses the performance of the scoring panel by collating and analysing information and statistics in regards to individual judging performances The Role of the Scoring Judge The role of the judge is to compare and evaluate each surfer’s performances against one another by applying the basic judging criteria consistently, accurately and fairly. The duties of a scoring judge are as follows: Judge heats assigned to them by the roster from the beginning of the day to the end Score each wave ridden in a heat using a scale of 0.1 to 10.0 and record scores on the score sheets provided (computers may also be used) Correctly fill in the details on the judging score sheets Rule on any interference situation Call competitive riders’ singlet colours as they are “up and riding” Provide wave counts and other information when required by the Head Judge or other judges Undertake various duties assigned by the Head Judge (e.g. acting as the Head Judge when the Head Judge is forced to leave the judging podium for any reason) Provide input to pre and post contest briefings under direction of the Head Judge Have a thorough knowledge of the SA Rule Book as it applies to judging 54 SURFING AUSTRALIA RULE BOOK