2015 Surfing Australia Rule Book - Page 54

circumstances, case by case. At his discretion the Tour Manager/Representative may consult with those qualified observers, (defined as off-duty judges, spotters or other officials), who may have witnessed the incident in question Judging performances will be kept on all judges by every event Head Judge and passed onto the Surfing Australia Judging Manager for the evaluation of the qualified judges Judges must wait until the completion of the tabulators’ work before checking the completed tally sheets No judge of a Surfing Australia event may pass comment on a surfer’s chances in any event, to the public, media, or other contestants, or that judge may be dismissed from the panel and other action will be taken by the Board A day’s judging is considered 8 hours from start of competition unless on hold. If on hold the day begins at the original start time not actual start time. Judges will only work for a maximum of 10 hours per day unless extra hours are needed due to special circumstances and then only if agreeable with the judges. Overtime rates will be applicable See Event Staffing/Local Judging Panel in Event Structure for judging and overtime pay rates It is recommended that extra special events held at any competition event be run at the end of the day and not during actual competition hours. If held during these hours the judges are not obliged to judge them unless agreeable with the judging panel. This does not include a final day team’s event Computer operator hours, rates and conditions are described in the Surfing Australia Events Manuals. (Manuals are available by contacting the National Office) 52 SURFING AUSTRALIA RULE BOOK