2015 Surfing Australia Rule Book - Page 53

JUDGING 5. JUDGING PRINCIPLES & PANEL SELECTION CRITERIA a. No competitors can officiate. Judges of Surfing Australia sanctioned events cannot have any perceived vested interests. This includes being a relative, coach or manager. All judges must be currently accredited and registered with Surfing Australia, with absolutely, no exceptions. b. In all computer judged heats there shall be a minimum of 6/7 judges with 4/5 judges rostered on per heat as well as an approved, accredited and registered Surfing Australia Head Judge. In non computer judged events there shall be 7 judges, with 5 judges on per heat with an approved SA Head Judge. Allowances to this rule can apply for Club events only. It is recommended that an odd number of judges be used The Head Judge of each event is to be responsible for assuring that nationally accredited and registered judges serve on the panel for all sanctioned events. A database of accredited and registered judges for events is available from the Surfing Australia Judging Manager upon request In exceptional circumstances where the chances of finishing an event are in jeopardy, split 3 person panels can be used The wave scoring will be done from 0.1 to 10.0, broken into one-tenth increments. 7.2 etc. A judge will score a ride using commonly accepted and taught principles In the case of a computer malfunction the results will be tabulated for the heat in which the malfunction took place as per the computer scoring system averaging. Should the condition carry over to further heats, all tabulation/results will revert to the manual tabulation system Judges should be visually separated, and it is the responsibility of the Head Judge to see that the judges do not discuss scores or interference calls. Judges may not change their scores or interference calls either on the computer terminal or on the manual judging sheets. In the event that a mistake has been made the judge should have the Head Judge make the correction for him. If a judge misses a wave, or any part of a wave, they should ask the Head Judge for an average on that particular wave. This wave will be included into the sheet/ scoring system by the Head Judge on the basis of comparison to the scores on the other judges’ sheets At times, errors of a special nature occur with respect to judging. This includes priority, timing and judges’ scores. The Tour Manager/Representative, along with the vent Director, a surfer representative and the Head Judge, will rule on these special www.surfingaustralia.com 51