2015 Surfing Australia Rule Book - Page 51

JUDGING Non-functional spins are to be distinguished from those demonstrating speed, power and flow (including air 360s, critical spins on steep sections or in the barrel and controlled reverse hacks with massive spray preceded by strong bottom-turns, all of which are potentially high scoring manoeuvres) If a radical manoeuvre is executed in DK stance in a controlled manner without the assistance of grabbing the rail for stability (to enable landing) then as a rule it will be scored higher than a similar manoeuvre performed with the assistance of a grab. This is due to the higher degree of control, difficulty and commitment required to execute such a move without a grab With respect to the above point, modern DK riding as with modern surfboard riding now incorporates grabs to enhance both the aesthetic appeal (style) and technicality (the progressive nature) of aerial manoeuvres. Consequently, scores should not be discounted for rail grabs exhibiting these characteristics or where a radical DK move would likely not have been possible at all without a grab SUP Scoring Guidelines The judging scale will be the normal 10 point scale with normal ISA/SA contest rules applying. The aggregate of the best 2 rides will decide the final score for each surfer The surfer must have forward momentum under the wave generated power, to be deemed a scoring ride To the best of a rider’s ability he/she is expected to stand up on the board at all times throughout the heat, unless the situation of safety dictates otherwise. However this will not have a bearing on any of the scoring Entry into the wave should be by paddling in the standing position to enable the maximum score Footwork, nose riding and flow points will be scored, but this will be done in their relationship to the criteria and degree of difficulty and critical nature of board positioning In some cases, and speciality events, beach starts can be used as an alternative method to start a heat, under the consultation of the Contest Director and Head Judge www.surfingaustralia.com 49