2015 Surfing Australia Rule Book - Page 49

JUDGING The words: continual motion, flow, style and grace directly relates to how the surfer reads the wave and performing the manoeuvres that “fit” to the wave. Stylish and flowing traditional elements will become obvious when the surfer is committing to the entire criteria. Classic nose rides are usually best when the walk to the nose is set up by a tail stall or directly in from the arc of a turn. Nose rides – touch 5 and 10’s and extended 5’s and 10’s Cheater 5 nose rides Cross-stepping and reverse walks Layback cutbacks Cutbacks – Drop knee, cross step, roundhouse Tube rides – Cover-ups Re-entries – Off the face and lip Minor and transitional manoeuvres are considered to have little scoring potential in the competition system. Bottom turns Fade takeoffs Stalling and trimming Side slides Hawaiian pullout Bodyboard Surfing Guidelines and Manoeuvres It is of particular importance to note that there are two sub-dis