2015 Surfing Australia Rule Book - Page 40

5. PADDLING INTERFERENCE In 3/4 person heats or non priority one-on-one situations another surfer paddling for the same wave should not excessively hinder a surfer who has inside position. Positioning at the correct point of takeoff for a wave is an integral part of surfing skill and each competitor must be allowed to reach this chosen point unhindered. Paddling interference tactics in the general contest area can be, but will not be restricted to: a. Blocking the direct pathway of an opponent to the takeoff position by paddling across his/her line, other than by taking and holding the natural inside paddling position. b. Blocking/hindering a direct/natural pathway of an opponent into the line up from the beach paddle out position. c. The offending surfer makes contact with or forces the inside surfer to change their line while paddling to catch the wave causing loss of scoring potential. d. The offending surfer obviously causes a section to break down in front of the inside surfer which would not normally have done so, and causes loss of scoring potential of the surfer with right-of-way. e. When a surfer is put in a position while paddling out that they cannot get out of the way and a collision happens due to this, it is up to a majority of the judges to call an interference unless it is felt that the rider contributed to the collision by selecting an unreasonable and aggressive line across the wave. f. Unsporting paddling tactics must be penalised. (Amended January 2011). A heat placing is decided as a result of waves ridden. Tactics directed at reducing waves ridden are negatives to the performance in the heat. ROW is available to a surfer so he/she is not hindered in actually catching the selected wave, not as a tactic to prevent opponents catching the wave. “Unsporting paddling tactics” [TPI] can be, but will not be restricted to: Holding the inside position and right-of-way with respect to a particular opponent, then intentionally aborting the takeoff to deter another competitor at the takeoff point. 38 SURFING AUSTRALIA RULE BOOK