2015 Surfing Australia Rule Book - Page 38

1. Point Break (Single Direction) When there is only one available direction on any given wave, the surfer on the initial inside position shall have unconditional right-of-way for the entire duration of that wave. 2. One Peak Break (Reef or Beach) a. One peak situation – if there is a single well defined peak with both a left and a right available. At the initial point of takeoff the judges will decide whether it is a superior right or left, if neither the right or left can be deemed superior then the right-of-way will go to the first surfer who makes a definite turn in their chosen direction by making an obvious right or left turn. b. A second surfer may go in the opposite direction on the same wave without incurring a penalty, providing they do not interfere with the first surfer who has established right-ofway. They may not cross the path of the first surfer in order to gain the opposite side of the peak unless they do so without hindering, in the majority of judges’ opinion, the inside surfer. 3. Multiple Peak Situation In conditions with mult \H