2015 Surfing Australia Rule Book - Page 35

COMPETITION RULES 7. WAVE TABULATION a. Manually tabulated heats. To decide a winner in events using 3/4 person heats the best 2 waves will be counted on each judge’s sheet. The tabulated totals and placings are then given on each judge’s sheet. The placings are then transposed to a master sheet with all the judges’ placings. The highest and lowest placing for each surfer is crossed off and the remaining places added to obtain the results (when using 3 judges all placings are added). The lowest total is first, next lowest second, next lowest third, etc. b. Computer tabulated heats. Tabulation for these heats is different to manual tabulation, in that the highest and lowest judges’ scores are eliminated for each wave with the remaining judges’ scores totalled then divided by the number of remaining judges to give an average score out of ten rounded to two decimal places. At the end of the heat a surfer’s best counting waves as set by the conditions are totalled for his end tally. The surfer with the highest tallied score is the winner. Occasionally the computer scoring system will round up or down to two decimal places in regards to individual wave score averages or tied score averages. The computer score averages cannot be disputed and no correspondence will be entered into. 8. TIES a. Manually and computer judged heats should be split by counting back to the BEST wave of the 2 wave total. If the tie is still not broken, the tabulator goes to the best 3, 4 or 5 waves and so on. Only totally unbreakable ties will be re-surfed. In the event of a re-surf not being possible advancing procedure to the next round will go as per higher seeding. b. In a four man heat, where the computer is not used, a general judging consensus using plus/minus system on the judging master sheet must break ties. In the case of a three way tie, then the plus and minus system is used to decide the best two surfers, then used again to split those two surfers. If the tie still cannot be broken, the tabulator goes back to the best wave on the tied sheet or best 3, 4 or 5 etc. until the tie is broken. c. In the case of a tie where one competitor has an interference marked against them any count back will result in them winning as they have already had one wave deducted. 9. ‘SURF TEAM’ COMPETITION RULES (REVISED 2013) A typical match will consist of 4 teams of 5 surfers competing over 1 set. Nominated team surfers cannot surf twice. Only 1 team member from each team will be allowed in the water at any one time Each surfer must commence from the allocated beach or water start line as nominated by the Contest/Technical Director or Head Judge www.surfingaustralia.com 33