2015 Surfing Australia Rule Book - Page 34

5. PROTESTS A judging scoring decision once made is irrevocable no matter what proof is available to show otherwise. Once a decision has been made by the judges or officials there is no form of protest other than with the Head Judge or Surfing Australia Technical Director/Tour Manager. No judges are to be approached over any calls or a fine will be imposed on the offending surfer. It is recommended that the interference explanation sheet be completed by the event Head Judge in every interference penalty situation. Lodging Protests The process for lodging a protest with the Head Judge is as follows: a. Within 30 minutes after the heat has finished the surfer must submit in writing on the official protest sheet the details of the incident to the Beach Marshal. The Beach Marshal will submit the protest sheet to the Contest Director or SA Technical Director/ Tour Manager. b. The Contest Director or SA Technical Director/Tour Manager passes the protest sheet to the Head Judge who will then confer with the surfer either at the conclusion of the day’s surfing (30 minutes maximum), or at the Head Judge’s discretion. c. Competitors, coaches, parents and non-event officials may not be allowed to access the official judging area. Note: Video evidence is inadmissible. 6. WAVE MAXIMUMS The Head Judge is to set wave maximums and best waves (see timing and wave counts). a. An attempt will be made to inform the competitor at the completion of their maximum number of rides. If more than the maximum number of waves is ridden within the time limit, the surfer can be penalised by being fined for every extra wave ridden. In addition, a surfer who remains in the water after their maximum number of waves will be penalised for an interference if: i. A surfer rides any extra waves that obviously deprive another competitor of an available ride. ii. A surfer interferes with any other competitor by paddling, positioning, or some other reason. 32 SURFING AUSTRALIA RULE BOOK