2015 Surfing Australia Rule Book - Page 31

COMPETITION RULES l. The Contest Director must have an official notice board where the daily schedule is posted for all the competitors to see. This schedule is always subject to change. m. Double banking or 15 minute heats may be allowed, however, not recommended. It is a recommendation that if double banks are utilised that there be a minimum of 50 metres between the outer boundaries of the contest areas. The area between the two contest areas will be classified as the “no competition zone”. Surfers may surf into this zone but, cannot takeoff in this zone. Surfers who surf through the “no competition zone” and continue into the other contest area can be penalised with an interference if he or she hinders the scoring potential of another competitive surfer. Likewise surfers should not takeoff in the other contest area as they can be penalised with an interference. 3. GENERAL RULES a. There has to be a minimum of 45cm of wave height before surf can be deemed contestable. A special allowance may be made if the surf is rideable. This will be determined by the Contest Director in liaison with the Head Judge and Technical Director/Tour Manager. b Competitors must wear the designated competition singlet/vest upon collection from the Beach Marshal during the course of the heat and up until returning it to the Beach Marshal. Failure to do so may incur an infringement penalty. Under no circumstances can an event sponsor force contestants to wear any boardshorts or wetsuits as a condition of entry into any sanctioned or non-sanctioned event. c. Caddies (one per surfer maximum) may not enter the water once a board is lost or broken unless in surf conditions where water caddies are being allowed. If the caddy rides a wave the surfer who he is caddying for will be fined $100 per wave and if he/ she interferes with the other surfers in any way, in the opinion of the judging panel, an interference will also be levied on the surfer for whom he/she is caddying. Water caddies may enter the water in a defined marshalling area if the Head Judge along with the Event Director deem fit. Exception to this rule is if the event officials feel that the surfer is in a life-threatening situation. In this case the water patrol may remove a surfer from the impact zone and position the surfer in a safer place that is no closer to the lineup, from where the surfer may continue their heat. d. Surfers may only use replacement equipment carried by their own caddy once their heat has started. The use of any outside craft or equipment e.g. Inflatable boats, water patrols’ boards, photographers’ craft or previous or current heat competitors’ boards will be deemed an interference if the surfer after using one of them re-enters the competition zone and rides a wave or interferes with any other competitor. www.surfingaustralia.com 29